Core Values

Our core values form the foundation for how we relate to clients and for the recommendations we make concerning our planning and investment programs.

We believe that clients whose ideals and values are consistent with ours will have a beneficial and enjoyable experience in partnering with CapSouth to help them achieve their long term financial goals and objectives.

  1. We embrace our role as a fiduciary and believe advisors should always act in the client's best interest.
  2. Honesty, integrity and respect are crucial to long term, mutually beneficial relationships.
  3. Everyone should set long term goals and objectives; these should include both financial and non-financial goals.
  4. To assist in realizing these long term goals and objectives, a financial plan should be created and adjusted over time as life happens.
  5. There are very few "absolutes" in financial planning.
  6. Investment risk and expected return are not the primary factors in a financial plan; they are two factors among many others. Financial goals, time frames, savings rates, current assets, spending rates in retirement, taxes, etc. are variables that are just as important and that should be evaluated within an advisor and client relationship.
  7. A performance report is a poor scorecard; we believe a much more meaningful scorecard is an estimate of the likelihood you can achieve your goals.
  8. Regarding investments and portfolio management, we believe:
    • Risk and return objectives should be determined as part of a larger financial plan.
    • Changes to risk levels should be driven by analysis of and adjustments to the financial plan as opposed to decisions driven by emotions and market movements.
    • Diversification is important as we cannot predict which asset classes will be the best over a given time period.
    • Compound interest, over time, can be very powerful.
  9. Most people should work with a qualified financial advisor to assist them in taking the emotion out of financial planning and investing.

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