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Unless you’ve won the lottery, your financial situation likely hasn’t changed since the passing of your New Year’s resolutions. And when I say “passing”, I’m not referring to the death of your resolutions, but to the acceptance of them. Come to think of it, I’ve been known to kill off a few resolutions long before the second week of the year. So, your choice, I guess.

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Falls-GBishop2[1]April, 1990, with friends at the rope swing at Little River Canyon in northeast Alabama

“This looks easy enough,” I said to myself, but loud enough for Todd to hear.

All you have to do is run down the hill, swing out over the water, let go, catch the Frisbee, and land in the water,” he said. “What’s there to worry about?”

“Other than the Civil War-era rope?” I replied.

Well, turns out, the letting go part. I ran down the hill, swung over the water, tried to position myself for the Frisbee, but I just missed my window to let go. Letting go at this point would land me in the middle of the rocks adorning the base of the cliff. So, I held on and slammed into the side of the canyon. I missed the Frisbee but caught plenty of grief…and lots of laughter.

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imagesCAAPH7O0I’ve just recently returned from a week at the beach with family…and now I need a vacation. Anyone relate to that? Relaxing is hard work. Fights over goggles, 120 degree pavement, and the endless supply of sand on the floor, in my sandwich, and in my bathing suit. These are rich people problems. How blessed am I that I can afford to take my family on a beach vacation in the first place? Immensely. And yet, in my fallen nature, it’s hard, sometimes, not to succumb to the weight of all the uncertainty swirling about. It’s hard, sometimes, to appreciate every moment I’ve been given rather than focus on the thorns in my side – or the sand in my pants. Anyone relate to that?

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