How about another poem, huh?


That Sink Full of Dishes

Twas the day after Christmas
And all through your pockets,
Are the receipts for the toys,
The rings and the lockets.

With much trash at the curb
And food under the table,
You’ll get to those dishes
Just as soon as you’re able.

But for now, you will rest.
For the couch you were meant.
With but one thought in your head,
“Just how much have I spent?”

With the swipe of your card
And the stroke of your pen,
That balance is rising
Toward the limit – again.

Off the couch do you spring!
With the thoughts of a budget.
But you’re unsure of the numbers…
So maybe you’ll...fudge it?

First things first, my friend.
And this step may be hard:
Focus more on good stewardship
And less on your card.

Take stock in your cash flow
The coming in, the going out,
And if headed the wrong way
Then quickly – come about!

Don’t have it, then don’t spend it.
Yes, it’s so easy to say,
But for control of your finances
There is no better way.

Know where you’re starting
And know where you’re going,
Give, save and then spend
And let margin start growing.

For margin is good
In every area of life.
It’s a guardrail of sorts
Keeping loved ones from strife.

So make a plan and begin
To get back in the black,
And chip, chip away
At that credit card stack.

And use this new budget
To help sort out your wishes,
And get back to your life
And that sink full of dishes.

It won’t happen overnight
But soon you will see,
That the plan you have made
Just might set you free.

Free from the worry
The stress and the strife,
And may give you more time
With your husband or wife.

And if you have neither a husband or wife, then you’ll have more time for yourself. See? You can’t lose. Make a plan. Make a budget. Start now.

And from my family to yours,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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