• Firm Profile

    CapSouth Partners is a fee-only independent, Registered Investment Advisor. As a Registered Investment Advisor we provide knowledgable investment advice that is objective and trustworthy. Advisors are held to the high standard of a Fiduciary; which simply means, we are legally required to act in your best interest. We proudly accept this responsibility.

    Our staff consists of experienced professionals who believe in a "hands on" approach to financial guidance. You will find our team members not only knowledgeable, but honest, sincere and genuinely interested in helping you reach your financial goals. It is our aim to keep our clients focused, advise them in order to make sound financial decisions, and continually encourage them to maintain a disciplined approach to investing.

  • Firm History

    The world was a lot different in the 1st quarter of 2001. The dot.com bubble had burst the previous year with the S&P Index down approximately 7%. It would fall another 14% in 2001 and 21% in 2002. I-phones, social media, tweets and Uber did not exist. Yet, individuals and families still faced the same challenges as today. How do we manage our current lives while adequately preparing for a future that is so unpredictable?

    Our vision was to provide a team of specialists to assist our clients in adequately assessing their current situation and circumstances while incorporating their long term goals and objectives into a viable long range financial and wealth management plan. In essence, planning today and monitoring in the future to turn dreams into reality.

  • Core Values

    The CapSouth Core Values form the foundation for the firm's investment management and financial guidance programs. We believe that clients who embrace these fundamental principles have a greater chance of achieving their long term financial goals and objectives.

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    1. Clients should set long term goals and objectives and invest for the long term.
    2. Clients should develop and monitor a long range financial plan.
    3. Understanding risk and return is critical to long term success.
    4. Clients should determine their risk tolerance while taking into consideration their long term goals and objectives.
    5. Asset allocation is the major factor in controlling risk and return.
    6. Performance of asset classes will normally revert to the mean over time.
    7. The pain of losing money is greater than the joy of making money.
    8. Disciplined investors generally earn more consistent returns over time.
    9. Remaining invested for the ling term is more important than short term market timing.
    10. The power of compound returns over time is one of the most important financial principles.
    11. There are very few "absolutes" in financial planning
    12. Most investors should work with a qualified financial advisor to assist them in taking the emotion out of investing and financial planning.


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