A Seat at the Table


There are several subjects that folks tend to shy away from in casual conversation:  religion, sex, politics, and money. Is it any wonder, then, they’re so intertwined in today’s culture? Maybe we should talk more about them with the intention of keeping them in healthy and proper perspectives?   A few of these topics may pop up in future posts, but I’ll not disclose which ones in hopes of keeping you reading. And while I’m not an expert on any of them, I have enough experience with each to be dangerous.  Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?  Money conversations, I can tell you, with four kids and a wife are held with great frequency in my home and don’t always end with hugs and high fives.

We’re all human. And given that condition, emotion always has a seat at the table.

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Back in the game


It’s been a while since our last get together, and I’ve been getting an earful about it.  So, during this Easter season, it seems fitting that I would resurrect the blog. Granted, this resurrection will have eternally less impact on the world than the one soon to be celebrated. But hey, we all have our part in the play. Maybe this is mine.

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January 2016

CapSouth Investment Update

If you’ve paid much attention to the financial markets so far this year, you’re already aware that 2016 has gotten off to a rocky start. Coming on the heels of 2015, a year in which volatility rose and the markets were mostly lower, this has many investors somewhat concerned. I have listened to and read a lot of commentary over the last few weeks from investors and economists whom I respect and will pass along some of the more pertinent information and thoughts in this update. I’ll begin with a review of the returns of various markets, address some of the common concerns that I’m hearing, and finish with our view of some market fundamentals. This is a lot to cover in one update so it will be longer than normal, but hopefully it will be worth your extra time. 

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Unless you’ve won the lottery, your financial situation likely hasn’t changed since the passing of your New Year’s resolutions. And when I say “passing”, I’m not referring to the death of your resolutions, but to the acceptance of them. Come to think of it, I’ve been known to kill off a few resolutions long before the second week of the year. So, your choice, I guess.

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I know a guy...

running resolution active 460

My father-in-law, Walt Miller, was an exceptionally special man. He had the sort of talents that everyone wishes they had. You’ve heard the phrase, “Hey, I know a guy.” They’re talking about Walt. He was the real-life Winston Wolfe. The Fixer. Harvey Keitel’s character in 1994’s Pulp Fiction. Interesting movie, but spare your kids from it. Pulp Fiction not in your library? Then I’d direct you to Dos Equis’s, World’s Most Interesting Man, commercial. Other than having two ladies by his side, that’s Walt. So today, in honor of Walt Miller, who was the master of many things, I offer three New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

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