• Financial Life Management

    Your Financial Foundation

    We believe the foundation for your ideal financial life is the ability to make wise financial decisions, and this wisdom begins with self-discovery. For each of us, our financial decision making process has been shaped by our past experiences and our attitudes toward money. No surprises there. But can we clearly define what these attitudes are? What is it about money that creates such anxiety and insecurity in our lives and frustration with those who are closest to us? Our desire is to help you take control of your finances and enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • Wealth Management

    Navigator & NavigatorMD

    The Navigator and NavigatorMD programs are designed to assist you in establishing realistic financial goals and provide reporting so you can monitor and track your progress toward those goals.  The program provides financial planning for retirement, college funding, premature death, long-term disability, liability management and estate planning.  These programs involve three simple but significant phases:

      • Choose A Destination

        Before you establish a plan, it is essential to identify your desired destination. We will guide you through the process of defining your goals and establishing your destination.

      • Chart A Course

        Once the Destination has been determined, the process examines the various options that may be considered in order to reach the goals.  The course is charted  or planned that provides a realistic opportunity to meet the established goals.

      • Course Corrections

        The word “Navigate” means to “make one’s way over or through.” It is not sufficient to merely set goals and chart a path. In navigating through life, adjustments have to be made and course corrections must be expected.

    The CapSouth Navigator and NavigatorMD Programs provide a progress meeting every year to two, depending on need, to monitor the progress towards the Destination and to consider course adjustments.

  • Portfolio Management

    We believe Portfolio Management, or the way accounts are invested, is a function of the Financial Life Management process. By first exploring what drives a client’s financial decisions and determining their financial goals, we’re able to better define appropriate risk and return goals. Our portfolio management process seeks to pair the unique goals of each client with investment strategies that can help meet these goals. Each of the investment strategies that we offer targets a specific objective:

    • Low Cost: Keep investment costs low.
    • Tax Managed: Keep the tax consequences of investment decisions low.
    • Reduced Volatility: Reduce the downside risk associated with a given allocation of fixed income and equities.
    • Active: Provide return in excess of a specified index.
    • Income Stability: Provide a stable income stream.

    We believe these objectives to be mutually exclusive. There can only be one primary focus of an account. If active management or index outperformance is the goal, for example, there will most likely be a higher investment cost and tax consequences may increase. In like manner, if low costs are the goal, then downside protection and income stability potential are most likely reduced.

    Our desire is to match you with the strategy that supports what’s most important to you and help you achieve your one best financial life.

  • Estate Planning

    CapSouth Estate Planning Services includes the planning required to transfer assets during your lifetime or at death.  The transfer of assets may be accomplished utilizing the last will and testament, beneficiary designations, title designations, living trusts or other contracts.  The Estate Planning program also includes the review of other important legal documents such as the power of attorney, health care power of attorney and health care directive.  CapSouth provides assistance, along with your attorney, in the review of existing estate planning documents and in designing an updated estate plan.  Once the plan has been completed, a systematic review process is established.  CapSouth estate planning services are provided under the Navigator Programs or may be contracted as a separate service.

    An important aspect of estate planning is the assistance provided to the spouse and/or other beneficiaries of the estate following death.  This includes ongoing financial guidance and counseling in addition to professional investment management of the assets.  CapSouth provides ongoing services as described in the Directed Trustee Services section of this site.

  • Directed Trustee Services

    The trust and confidence that clients have in the firm may be continued after death through our work with direct beneficiaries of the estate as well as through trusts managed by individual or corporate trustees. If a corporate trustee is named, CapSouth provides ongoing investment management services under our partnership with various corporate trustees such as Charles Schwab Bank.

    Advisor Directed Trust Services offer all the benefits of a trust and a corporate trustee, while allowing you to appoint CapSouth Wealth Management to manage and invest your trust assets. As an appointed fiduciary who is familiar with your history, risk tolerances and financial plans, we assume responsibility for managing and choosing your trust’s investments based on the objectives of the trust.

    The corporate trustee carries out the administrative duties of the trust such as:

    1. Safekeeping of assets
    2. Making distributions to beneficiaries according to terms of the trust
    3. Filing tax returns
    4. Issuance of regular account statements
    5. Recordkeeping

    CapSouth Wealth Management will serve in a fiduciary capacity as the Investment Advisor for the trust assets by:

    1. Managing the trust assets based on the investment goals and guidelines as established in the Investment Policy Statement
    2. Serving as the relationship manager for the beneficiaries of the trust
  • Corporate Retirement Plans

    At CapSouth401k Consultants, we understand your time is valuable – and finite. Whether you’re a plan decision maker or a plan participant, our retirement plan consulting services provides for two things: more time for you to spend on your business and the peace of mind knowing that your plan is getting the attention it deserves.

    As an independent registered investment advisor, CapSouth 401k Consultants provides plan design guidance, investment advisory services, and employee education. We guide you through plan design issues, establishing a plan that is the right fit for your company and your employees. Our staff will help you make sense of the numerous fees involved, and determine the reasonableness of costs associated with your plan. We help you keep abreast of the constant changes in regulatory oversight, and assist with the governmental requirements of fee disclosure to your plan participants. From creation to administration to participant education and communication, CapSouth 401k can help make your corporate retirement plan a successful asset to your business.

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