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At CapSouth401k Consultants, we understand your time is valuable – and finite. Whether you’re a plan decision maker or a plan participant, our retirement plan consulting services provides for two things: more time for you to spend on your business and the peace of mind knowing that your plan is getting the attention it deserves.

As an independent registered investment advisor, CapSouth 401k Consultants provides plan design guidance, investment advisory services, and employee education. We guide you through plan design issues, establishing a plan that is the right fit for your company and your employees. Our staff will help you make sense of the numerous fees involved, and determine the reasonableness of costs associated with your plan. We help you keep abreast of the constant changes in regulatory oversight, and assist with the governmental requirements of fee disclosure to your plan participants. From creation to administration to participant education and communication, CapSouth 401k can help make your corporate retirement plan a successful asset to your business.

  • Our Approach

    CapSouth 401k operates according to a core set of values that provide a foundation for our work and a guide for our decisions. We believe each client has a right to know the values that drive our decisions so they can determine if their values align with ours. We are committed to building lasting relationships and providing knowledgeable and objective guidance.

    Long-Term Relationships

    One of our fundamental beliefs is that all clients should establish long term goals and objectives and should stay focused on accomplishing those goals over time. This is true for both corporate retirement plan clients and private clients, and applies to both investment strategies and professional relationships. Our aim is to develop a solid lasting relationship with our clients based on integrity, trust, and a common goal.

    Knowledgable, Objective Guidance

    At CapSouth 401k, we have placed a priority on assembling the expertise necessary to offer high quality, professional services. Various members of our parent firm hold the CFA, CFP®, JD, AIF®, CPA, and CLU designations. It is our goal to keep our clients focused on where they want to go, advise them on how to get there, and continually remind them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realize their dreams. To that end, we feel it is essential to clients and prospects that we provide objective and unbiased advice, and we believe that it is important that the interests of clients and our interests be the same. Our services are fee only, with transparency for our clients.

  • Plan Consultation

    Providing a retirement plan can be one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions you make for your company, and a successful retirement plan is a great asset to your business. We provide retirement planning guidance for companies of all sizes, and tailor our services to meet your company’s needs. As an ERISA Section 3(21) fiduciary, we share in the legal responsibilities of managing your plan.

    For your retirement plan to be successful it must be compliant, cost-effective, and it should reinforce your commitment to your employees. At CapSouth401k Consultants, we help you attain success by:

    • Establishing a system for regular plan reviews, including fiduciary-level investment monitoring
    • Developing an Investment Policy Statement to ensure that your plan’s investments are diversified, well managed, and meet stated objectives
    • Plan design consultation
    • Periodic plan provider and expense, fee, and revenue reviews; obtaining the best possible price for services to be provided
    • Proactive work to schedule regular meetings; assistance with preparation of agendas; preparing meeting minutes to ensure prompt and effective follow through
    • Analyzing industry trends
    • Review of current operations of the oversight group (Retirement Plan Committee, Trustees, Investment Committee, etc.); recommendations for change in the structure and/or operations of the group
    • Conducting training sessions for the fiduciaries
    • Development of asset allocation models

    Managing your company’s retirement plan can be a daunting and time consuming task, but with the right team on your side it can also be successful and rewarding. CapSouth 401k offers a full range of services for corporate retirement plans. These services are designed to assist plan fiduciaries in both understanding and managing their fiduciary duties. We customize our services to meet your needs and your plan's needs.

    Our primary objective is to serve the interest of the plan and its participants. We provide unbiased investment advice and excellent support to help you manage your retirement plan.

  • Participant Services

    Numerous studies have shown that the majority of corporate retirement plans are not meeting the basic goal of the plan: to provide the means for an adequate retirement for the employees. It has been our experience that plan participation is driven by two key factors: employee knowledge and comfort level. Many participants do not understand the amount of money that they will need at retirement, how much to contribute, or how to invest and manage their account.

    The optional employee education and communication programs offered by CapSouth 401k will assist the plan sponsor in identifying the problems with plan communications and in developing programs to assist the plan sponsor and the participants in reaching their goals.

    CapSouth education services include:

    • Review of the goals and objectives of the education program
    • Review of all current enrollment and educational material and assistance with modifications
    • Enrollment programs (onsite, via web-ex, or video conferencing)
    • Coordinate various vendors
    • Educational seminars for covering many financial planning and investment related topics
    • Targeted communications, surveys, etc
    • Development and/or review of employee communication memos and announcements
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