Financial Planning

Financial planning services are designed to assist you in establishing realistic financial goals and to provide reporting so you can monitor and track your progress toward those goals.  These services may include planning for retirement, college funding, premature death, long-term disability, and liability management.  A financial plan consists of three simple but significant phases:

Choose A Destination

Before you establish a plan, it is essential to identify your desired destination. We will guide you through the process of defining your goals and establishing your destination.

Chart A Course

Once the destination has been determined, we help you examine the various options that may be considered in order to reach the goals.  A course is charted or planned that provides a realistic opportunity to meet the established goals.

Course Corrections

It is not sufficient to merely set goals and chart a path. Life happens…goals and circumstances change. As your situation changes over time, adjustments should be made and course corrections must be expected.

Estate Planning

Estate planning services focus on the transfer of assets during your lifetime or at death.  The transfer of assets may be accomplished utilizing the last will and testament, beneficiary designations, title designations, living trusts or other contracts. CapSouth provides assistance, along with your attorney, in the review of any existing estate planning documents and in designing an updated estate plan.  Once the plan has been completed, a systematic review process is established. 

An important aspect of estate planning is the assistance provided to the spouse and/or other beneficiaries of the estate following death.  This includes ongoing financial guidance and counseling in addition to professional investment management of the assets.  CapSouth may provide some of these ongoing services through their Trustee Services as detailed in the Trustee Services section of the website.

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